Re-Imagining the World Through Blockchain

We are a Blockchain specific venture fund partnering with groups who share our core values and ambition for a better world.
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Who We Are

Reflective Venture Partners arose from an ongoing strategic partnership with RChain Cooperative, a third generation blockchain platform.
We’re not a typical venture capital firm. We build strategic partnerships with startups, throughout the process, we work with our network and RChain’s leadership team to advance your company's strategic and technical goals.


Our team has a unique makeup of diverse business expertise with industry veterans from the likes of Amazon, Bridgewater Associates, Bain Capital, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Reflective’s approach is focused on creating an environment where our startups can utilize the RChain platform to positively grow and revolutionize their markets.


Reflective Ventures not only aids in project funding, we build strategic partnerships with companies that are going to make a difference, reshape the market, and grow through the RChain ecosystem. Collaboration is key for what we do and we emphasize a strategic partnership for each engagement we embark upon.


Working with RChain provides a unique opportunity to develop, build, and deploy on a next generation Blockchain. The resulting solutions and distributed applications will transform entire industries.

What We Look For

We provide strategic partnership and funding support for businesses that are Blockchain and dApps focused.
Relationships are important to us and we encourage you to directly familiarize yourself with our network, partners, and RChain prior to reaching out to us directly.

RChain Co-op

We aim to grow the RChain ecosystem while providing mentorship programs and support to familiarize startups with our tech platform.


We seek to revolutionize markets through blockchain and dApp startups that are ready for a brave new world


We are location/geography agnostic, but have a special affinity for the Seattle region.

True Partners

Our typical commitments exceed just funding and include a wide range of support services, strategic financing, and guidance for seed and Series A startups.

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Our list of invested companies continues to grow and we are extremely proud of the relationships we’ve been able to foster.