RChain is a proof of stake platform with the mission to solve the problems of scalability and security within the current blockchain space. Working as a co-op, to enable its members equally, it has deep industry roots and arguably more collective years of experience than any other blockchain entrants. RChain equips innovators worldwide to create fast, scalable and decentralized solutions that are far less resource intensive, a key improvement from existing blockchain solutions.

The Difference

RChain is approaching the market with the goal of being the most capable blockchain solution to date. In two releases set to launch in early Fall and early Winter of 2018, RChain will be able to execute XM/S concurrent smart contracts at minimal cost, secured at run-time, within a sharded block structure that is able to sustain mission critical applications.
RChain is set to run transactions at speeds of Visa, a minimum of 40,000 transactions per second, thanks to Rho-calculus, the proprietary algorithm that allows the execution of concurrent virtual machines and contracts. It is sustainable and secure through being correct by construction, drastically reducing the cost of each transaction since the validation of contracts requires to only download a portion of the ledger.
The RChain platform supports multiple blockchains, both public and private on the same node
A very valuable aspect of our platform is our use of LADL = Logic as a Distributive Law. It is a form of compression (more throughput) and can generate type systems for untyped languages.
RChain is a co-op group made of developers, investors and users, creating a community atmosphere through collaboration.

RChain Is...

Scalable because Rho-calculus allows to run concurrent smart contracts and the data structure is semantic, where the header of each block points to one or more previous blocks list.

Sustainable as mission critical systems because the solution is correct and secure by construction. The model has built in properties, including the security proof, that validate

Efficient because the sharding is heterogeneous and requires only a portion of the chain to validate the transaction, and because the syntax and semantic of the code is granted, reducing drastically the cost and increasing speed

Easy to Use because Rholang is simple as Javascript and does not require to know anything more than the language to code


The Partnership

The Reflective and RChain partnership aims to advance an open-source platform that addresses the deficiencies of existing blockchain architecture through speed, scale and versatility. Reflective Ventures wants to be a part of this change. Combining a team made up of experienced industry influencers and developers in the blockchain space, RChain is positioned to be the leader in the blockchain space by re-establishing trust on the internet through fast, scalable and decentralized solutions.

Stay in the Loop

To learn more about RChain and its progress, follow them on Twitter and check out Reflective Ventures’ Linkedin page for news and industry information.