Shahan Khoshafian Principal 

Before joining Reflective Ventures & the Rchain Cooperative in 2018, Shahan spent 10+ years working for technology companies that defined new markets in crm, mobile technology, and artificial intelligence.

At Reflective Ventures, Shahan incubates, invests, and provides strategic partnerships for innovative blockchain startups & decentralized applications. He provides a wealth of experience to help startups navigate the complex world of blockchain, and has a passion for bringing great talent & technology together.

In his free time, he loves playing basketball, writing music, & discovering new restaurants with his wife.

Professional Expertise/Skills

  • Over 10+ years of enterprise software sales, marketing, and product development experience across industries such as Mobile, AI, CRM, & Blockchain.
  • Active speaker and panelist on topics such as mobile, the future of technology, SaaS, social, and blockchain technology.
  • Successfully established Strategic Partnerships with many of the world’s largest organizations including companies such as Facebook, Warner Bros., Standard & Poor’s, Accenture, and Yahoo.
  • Expert at bringing great people & technology together